A.R.I. Air Valves

A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories is a leading company in water system protection from transient pressures and entrapped air in pipelines, the main causes for the bursting, collapsing and fracturing of pipelines. These destructive forces lead to water losses through leaks in the pipeline and contamination due to intrusion of pathogens into the water system.

A.R.I. has developed a wide range of products and special software designed specifically for various applications in water supply (municipal and domestic), sewage, industry, agriculture and landscaping.

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For Potable Water Mains

Available for Potable Water Mains
2” Combination Air Valve

  • Working pressure range: 3-230 psi
  • Corrosion proof working parts
  • Reinforced nylon body
  • Available in ¾, 1, and 2”
  • Easy Install and Maintenance

For Sewer Force Mains

Available for Sewer Force Mains
2” Combination Air Valve

  • Working pressure range: 3-150 psi
  • Reinforced St. St. & NYLON body
  • Corrosion proof working parts
  • Easy Install and Maintenance
  • Available in 2 and 3”